We’re Home!

Posted: December 16, 2007 in kids, life
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home_icon.jpgOkay, so truth be told, we’ve been home for a week now but I haven’t worked up the energy or motivation to post anything to this point.  It’s not that things haven’t been happening, it’s just that there’s been so much happening that I haven’t gotten around to letting you all know about it.  Here I am though, watching the Simpsons, posting on my blog, while Jenn puts Payton (remember it’s Payton not Peyton) to sleep.

We’re all home safe and sound.  After a far more adventurous child birth than any of us expected or hoped for, we are all home together.  I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about how the whole situation went down – I’m still working that through – but I’m glad that it is over.  The nurses, doctors, and hospital were all wonderful to deal with and we feel very blessed to live in a place with competent medical professionals that knew what to do to save Payton’s life.  He made his first trip to church this morning (his first social outing) and overall is doing really well.  We’re really glad to be home.

P.S. – I started this post on Saturday night before Payton started screaming.  I am now finishing it watching football on Sunday.  I guess that’s the life I’ll have to get used to now.

  1. Jon Kramer says:

    Welcome Home and welcome back to blogging!
    It’s going to be good to get out there to see you and Jenn and Payton on Sunday. If you haven’t already done so, you guys better get to work on teaching him to say “Uncle” – I’m fully expecting to be properly greeted upon my first visit. I may or may not withhold presents from the littlest Kramer if my demands are not met.
    Off to basketball practice for me now though…
    Until later, my brother.


  2. benyamen says:

    I’m sorry Payton may not be able to meet your lofty standards Jonny. He’s only managed to master one sylable words after his three weeks in this world. I know, we’re a little disappointed too. He’s good with Mom, Dad, Ben, Jenn, Dog, Bears, and such, but two sylabled “uncle” is probably beyond his reach for now. I hope you’ll still love him anyways.


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