Home Alone: SC

Posted: January 14, 2008 in kids, life
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dad.jpgSo this likely won’t be anything profound, and to some of you it may not even be interesting, but for those of your still reading I will regale you with a tale of my life as it stands.  This is after all kind of a compilation of my life here so why not include stories about my life and not just reflections of it.  This isn’t a post about Macaulay Culkin, even though Home Alone was a pretty funny movie – I just watched it over Christmas again – this is actually about my first night home alone with Payton; not Walter or Manning, but my son.

Jenn had a ladies meeting tonight and so it was decided that I and all my feelings of total inadequacy, should be left to take care of seven week old Payton.  This might not seem like such an arduous task to all of you seasoned veterans of child care out there, but for me this was stress rolled in a coating of anxiety then set in the deep fryer full of inexperience.  Generally, this would be a recipe for disaster, but all things considered it turned out alright.  No one died.  No one sustained any flesh wounds.  I even managed to feed him from a bottle without having him turn blue in the face from choking.  Yup, all things considered I did a not crappy job.  And here’s to hoping I do a less and less miserable job as time goes on.  If I keep up this effort he may even live to see school age!  Thankfully, his mom has just returned and life is again as it should be.  She’s a good mom . . . check that . . . a GREAT mom, and I just hope that I can be as good a dad as she is a mom some day.


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