Maybe the Amish are on to something . . .

Posted: January 30, 2008 in life
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amish_buggy.jpgMaybe technology isn’t really progress after all.  Maybe it’s all a sham perpetrated by capitalist Western nations to give them something to capitalize on.  Well, maybe not all technology is a scam.  I certainly wouldn’t want to give up my cel phone, PDA, or internet connection.  For the first time in my life though I think I am starting to agree with Green Peace on something – let’s ban the automobile.

It’s not that I necessarily have the same motives for wanting to do this but anyone who isn’t my enemy is my friend in this case.  Green Peace would scrap your car and SUV in order to stop the green house gas emissions, which is a fair reason, but my motivation is far more personal.  In the past 6 months I have had my car in the shop on 4 separate occasions.  The first three of these repairs were on my 2000 Ford Focus: 2 computer sensors and a fuel pump.  These repairs wound up costing about $1500 over the course of a month and a half.  And so it was that the Kramer family decided to divest themselves of this shoddy auto in favour of a newer more reliable Nissan Altima.  Now only a few months later, the Consumer Reports endorsed 2005 Altima has also wound up in the shop because some screws came loose from the cylinder flaps and went through the engine destroying the catalytic convertor, and a few spark plugs.  Fortunately the Altima is still warrantied otherwise this repair would have cost us around $2500-$3000!  Like I said, my current car experience is enough to make me long for the days of the horse and buggy.  Maybe the Amish are on to something after all.

So my friends, and random others who may be reading this, I may not be willing to give up the car yet because of the spread out nature of our nation (I was going to just use the opposite for the word “dense” here, but what is the opposite of dense . . . undense?), but one more major repair may be enough to make me overcome my fear of horses.

  1. Perhaps ‘diaphanous’ might fit the bill as an opposite to ‘dense’.

    Automotive woes can get the most avid car enthusiast down from time to time. While I agree that unchecked automotive growth is causing problems – not all of them purely environmental – I can’t agree with the Greenpeace solution. I fully agree that ‘climate change’ is actually happening, but I disagree with much of the reasoning that places this phenomenon squarely at the door of western industrial technology. And, I also disagree with several of the politically correct and popular solutions being touted in the media. Pop culture meets pop science and the results will be, I suspect, highly disappointing.

    The fact is that stuff breaks. Our 4-year-old nearly top-of-the-line high-efficiency furnace killed itself a week ago Monday by ingesting too much snow from the blizzard we were experiencing. Warranty covered 2/3 of the repair bill – parts but not labour. Things go wrong and we have to deal with the consequences. Sometimes extended warranties make sense – the furnace has one.

    And while you’re considering horses, think on my father’s ‘4 horse late for school story’. Dad once got to school in time for lunch because the first horse came up lame, the second horse wouldn’t cross the railroad tracks, the third horse shied off when a dog chased it – taking dad for a cross-country romp – leaving him with the slowest nag in the barn who got him there, but only because he didn’t put a saddle on her because she was an old draft horse.

    There are certain people every man – especially a married man – needs in his life to live well. In descending order of importance they are God, one’s spouse, one’s children, a good ‘4 AM’ friend, an artistic florist, a sympathetic jeweler, an accessible Bernard Callebaut store manager, a gifted auto mechanic and a talented handyman.

    As Joe Cocker used to sing, “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends.”



  2. darmbruster says:

    Ben, I have the solution for your car woes…


    God bless you my friend. Maybe one day you will see the light.


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