Posted: February 6, 2008 in Random
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question-mark.jpgWell, I’ve been inspired by David Crowder’s blog, and I’m now opening a “Questions” section of my own on my blog.  I realize that he’s far more popular and well known, and lives a lifestyle which people may honestly be interested in, and I also realize that my life may not be nearly as interesting to most nor my opinion nearly as important, but none the less, the “Questions?” section is now open for business.  If ever you have a question you’d like answered, I’ll do my best to answer it.  These questions may be serious, silly, personal, or stupid (yes, despite what your kindergarten teacher taught you, there are such things as stupid questions), but I will do my best to gather the extent of my ignorance and give you an answer befitting your question.  So with that, feel free to leave your questions in the comments section of the “Questions?” tab and I’ll answer them as I have the opportunity.  Think of this your opportunity to ask the questions about all the things that I’ve never shared my humble musings about.

  1. Sean P. says:

    I too, have been hugely inspired by Crowder. I’m a worship leader and somewhat of a musician. I recently aquired a keytar and have wondered how long Dave’s been playing the keytar. He’s definitley got a few things figured out about this item of the past. They’re alot of fun with much potential…I’m just still, very much learning as I go. So, do you know his history with this fine instrument?


  2. benyamen says:

    I’m sorry, although I appreciate his music and sense of humor, I am far from a David Crowder historian. I took the time to check such world renound repositories for obscure information like wikipedia and, but they didn’t offer any help in figuring out his history with the instrument either. A question like this may be better offered by Mr. Crowder himself through the “questions” section of his blog rather than mine.


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