Benyamen’s BoSox fans rejoice!

Posted: March 25, 2008 in fantasy baseball, life
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benyamens-bosox-logo.jpgWell, it’s baseball season now so my alterego fantasy sports manager Benyamen Kramar has branched out into fantasy baseball too.  Benyamen’s BoSox were the champions of “Canadas Worst Fantasy League” last year and are hoping to defend their title.  However, in search of new competition, Benyamen’s BoSox have also created franchises in two other leagues to test their talents against new competition.  If you’d like to keep up on the state of the franchise on than you can click the link to see where they’re stacking up.  The whole league is there for your viewing pleasure so now you can cheer for Benyamen’s BoSox throughout the entire season!  Feel free to frequent the Benyamen’s BoSox tab page to leave your thoughts and praise for the franchise and it’s illustrious owner.


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