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Posted: October 27, 2008 in music
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Yes, it’s true that new music actually comes out on Tuesdays and not Mondays, but the music I’m talking about isn’t actually new, it’s just new to me.  With my becoming slightly more ancient on Wednesday of last week some people decided to pay me for this feat of death defiance.  Some of that money went to pay for my new Devin Hester jersey, but there was quite a bit left over as well.  I haven’t bought any new music in quite some time, unlike my two CD a week habit in college, so I decided to perouse the iTunes store and purchase some of the songs that I have been looking to get for a while now.  There is likely more purchasing to be done in the near future, but for now these eleven songs will do.

1. Holy DiverKillswitch Engage (metal; cover of the old Dio tune)
2. Sad Man’s TongueVolbeat (european mix of Country and Metal; you have to hear it)
3. American BoyEstelle ft. Kanye West (R&B; I haven’t got the song out of my head in weeks anyways)
4. All These Things That I’ve DoneThe Killers (pop rock)
5. When You Were YoungThe Killers (pop rock; one of my favourite songs on Rockband)
6. Heartbeats (accoustic)Jose Gonzalez (accoustic; yes it’s in english)
7. Collide (accoustic) – Howie Day (accoustic pop; memories from the year at Java Express)
8. Last Request (accoustic)Paolo Nutini (accoustic; way better than the album version)
9. I’m Yours (accoustic)Jason Mraz (accoustic pop; it’s horribly cheesy but the chorus sticks in your head)
10. New York is a WomanSuzanne Vega (adult contemporary; she’s more than just “Tom’s Diner”)
11. Smells Like Teen SpiritPaul Anka (Yes, you’re reading it right it’s by Paul Anka)

Essentially all of these songs, minus the ones from The Killers, are songs that I’ve had on my alerts on my XM and Sirius radios.  Now I can open up nine of those 20 alert spaces to make room for new songs since I can hear them wheneve I want now.  Obviously it’s a pretty ecclectic group of songs with everything from jazz, accoustic rock, pop rock, R&B, and metal by artists from all over the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love each of these songs for different reasons, but they do make up an interesting mix CD.  I’d love to be able to put up links so you can hear these songs, but I have no idea how to make that happen if it’s possible at all.  I’m sure if you look around you can find places to hear each one of them.  I know that I have the sidebar to let you see exactly what I’ve been listening to lately, but I was too excited about these new songs not to mention them specially.  If any of you are on and don’t have me as a friend make sure to add “benyamen”, and if you aren’t that technologically interested, just leave me a comment and let me know what you’re listening to.  It’s not a contest, but I am curious.

  1. Flatland Pastor says:

    OK. Here’s a very short list of what an ‘old guy’ like me is listening to lately. Please note: i have access to over 20,000 individual song recordings so a list like this one is temporary in every sense of the word.

    In no particular order:

    Kathleen Edwards – “Asking for Flowers” – From “Asking for Flowers” 2008. Actually I’ve been listening to this whole album but the title track is as good as any place to start. I first heard this album in a Java Express. It kept interrupting my concentration on using their free internet service to do some information look up. By the third song that had ‘grabbed my attention’ I had to go buy it. This recording signals a step up in maturing as a songwriter and musician for Kathleen.

    Matchbox 20 – “How Far We’ve Come” – Infectious pop/rock mated to apocalyptic lyrics. What could be more appropriate for times like this? From the hits compilation/new release “Exile on Mainstream” 2007.

    Alan Parsons Project – “In the Real World” – From the 1985 album “Stereotomy”. Parsons is actually actively touring, still. “One more compromise I won’t be making.” It’s a lyric I can dig set to a beat I can rock to.

    Mark Knopfler – “What It Is” – From his solo album “Sailing to Philadelphia”, 2000. We saw Mark and his band this summer at the Conexus Arts Center. “Oh yeah. the boy can play!” If you get that reference you are either as old as I am or you have uncommonly good taste – or both.

    Simple Plan – “Your Love is a Lie” – From their eponymously titled release in 2008. Lovelorn angst, tight playing and production. It may be music schtick, but it hardly gets better than this.

    ABBA – “Take a Chance on Me” – Sure it’s a guilty pleasure, but it IS a pleasure and while the Broadway hit “Mamma Mia” may not lend more credibility, it has exposed another whole generation to the first ‘super group’ from Sweden.

    Bob Dylan – “Dignity” – Just 4 more sleeps ’till I see the poet/minstrel/bard in the flesh. ‘Nuff said!

    Emmylou Harris – “Broken Man’s Lament” – From “All I Intended to Be” 2008. Indescribably haunting, utterly pure, completely honest, deep, rich and essential – that is Emmylou’s career. This song is yet another pearl on the strand of perfection she has pursued for 37 plus years.

    Patti Smith – “Gimme Shelter” – From “Twelve” 2007. I don’t know if ‘too loud’ exists for this tune. Patti can still raise the hackles on the back of my neck.

    The Silencers – “Sacred Child” – From “A Blues for Buddha” 1988. This Scottish (!) blues/rock outfit were unfortunately eclipsed by ‘Simple Minds’ and ‘Big Country’ in the ’80s. Once again proving that radio and the music biz often keeps it’s aesthetic sensibilities stuffed in its shoes. You can still get this CD online. Try it. I DARE you!



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