thrillAnyone remember that old CBC show “Thrill of a LIfetime“?  No, this isn’t me having a Grandpa Simpson moment.  It was kind of the original reality TV show where people would have their dreams come true as made possible by this TV show.  It was usually reuniting with family members or going scuba diving and such.  Things that we kind of take for granted now, but were a big deal in the 80’s when the show was on.  It’s not as though I was a fan or anything, I just remember the horrible, horrible theme song that still resonates in my head like an clanging gong at a funeral.  Which reminds me of another song which sticks in your head that you wish would leave you well enough alone like a mangey stray dog that deficates on your lawn: “Womanizer” by the infamous Britney Spears.  They’ve been playing it a lot lately on BBC Radio 1 which I recently started listening to on my XM radio.  It’s amazing how no matter what they say it sounds educational because they say it with an english accent.  It makes basically everything they say a lot funnier too.  Speaking of funny things on Radio 1 and “Womanizer”, my favourite new DJ Chris Moyles made a parody of “Womanizer” called “Lorry Driver”.  I thought it was a funny song when I heard it and then today I actually found out what it was about.  Apparently a “Lorry Driver” is the refined brittish way of saying trucker.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a few minutes and want a good laugh.  Anyways, where was I, oh ya “Thrill of a Lifetime”.  I guess I did have a Grandpa Simpson moment after all.

Back to “Thrill of a LIfetime”.  I’m not going to be on the show, seeing as it was cancelled long ago, but I am going to be going on a similar kind of adventure.  This coming weekend I am travelling to Minneapolis to watch my beloved Bears play the Minnesota Vikings on NBC Football Night in America.  So if you’re watching the game keep a look out for me.  Normally the chances of you seeing me would be slim in a stadium that seats 70,000ish people but – and this is where the “Thrill of a Lifetime” part comes in – I am sitting front row on the 50 yard line right behind the Bears bench!  Hopefully I can make sign that will get me on TV and you can all wave at your screens and say, “Hey, I know that guy in a Bears jersey who’s being beaten mercilessly by those Vikings fans!”  I hope to get to more Bears games in my lifetime, but I never expect to have seats like this again.  It will be a lot of driving in a couple days (14 hours there and 14 back), but it should all be worth it.  If by chance I don’t make it back alive, Jenn has my will, and know I likely died a happy man.

  1. Jared says:

    I’m stoked for you! Hopefully the Bears can get a win for you as well.
    Have a great time.


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