The Redemption of Christmas Music

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Random
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It’s no secret that I’m not a big Christmas fan.  I love Jesus dearly, but Christmas hasn’t been about Jesus in an awfully long time if we’re being honest with eachother.  Christmas music is especially wretched.  You are completely inundated with the stuff for months ahead of time – there’s no escaping it.  I don’t mind singing carols, but listening to N’Sync sing O’ Holy Night is so asinine that I just can’t deal with it.

That being said, I’ve finally found a song that may redeem Christmas music for me.  Watch the video below to hear it.  Make sure you listen to it twice all the way through though. The first time you might think it’s strange, but by the time you’ve heard it twice you’ll never forget it. The song itself isn’t available for purchase until Monday, but it’s fair to say it will likely be my first and maybe only ever purchase of Christmas music.

No, your ears don’t deceive you, it’s not a real woman. It’s British comedian Peter Kay in character as Geraldine McQeen. Happy Christmas.


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