25 Random Things About Me

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Random

I realize that I’m far from the first to do this post, and I’ll likely be far from the last.  People have been getting tagged with this like a 7-11 wall in south central L.A. and I’m just one of the most recent to have received this love tap.  My hope is that I can come up with some things that you wouldn’t otherwise know about me, and that it won’t just become a twenty-five part run on sentence like I’ve read from some other people.  Feel free to applaud what you find virtuous and mercilessly mock what you find embarassing.

1. I’ve got a couple of clones out there that likely don’t know that they are only copies of the original.  I claim this despite the fact that both of my clones are years older than I am.  I can’t explain it, I just know that I have passed for Fred Durst and George Stroumboulopoulos on more than a few occasions.  I can see the Fred Durst similarities, but the George one is a bit more of a stretch in my mind.

2. Despite the fact that I have had a very stable home life throughout my time here on earth, I have lived in 8 different homes in my 28 years and have moved a total of 15 times.

3. Despite the fact that my job leads me to talking to lots of people and publicly speaking in front of groups of hundreds of people, I’m actually fairly shy and find it difficult to make friends.

4. After football and baseball, tennis may well be my favourite sport to watch on TV.

5. While being a “Mac guy” is the new culturally accepted counter-culture thing to do, I am unashamedly a “Windows guy”.

6. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I was an early adopter of the Sega CD gaming system.  $400 later I was able to play Sega cartridge games on discs instead.  I have been subsequently hesitant to become an early adopter.

7. I’m rarely sleeping before 12:30am on weeknights even though I have to get up at 6am every morning to get the family on the road.

8. Given the opportunity I think that being a trucker or a sportswriter would be really enjoyable and fulfilling careers for me.

9. I own a 19 oz. pool cue named “Svetlana”.

10. I thoroughly love the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise but have only had the time to play through volume one and two so far even though I have had volumes three and four on my shelf for over 7 months now.

11. I am a member of the Mennonite Brethren conference of churches which is known for it’s pascifist theology, but I really enjoy watching MMA.

12. I am one of the world’s biggest Chicago Bears fans although I have no real idea as to exactly when I started cheering for them or why.

13. I would like to think I’m a fairly socially conscious person, but don’t think that I do enough about what I know.

14. I don’t watch many movies and don’t really miss them.

15. Despite the fact that I generally hated exercise until a year ago, I really miss not having been able to go to the gym regularly for the last little while.  Thankfully, I will be able to start getting back there regularly starting this week.

16. If I had to choose between having sattelite radio or sattelite TV I’d pick the sattelite radio.

17. I hate spending money on dress clothes because I think they are overpriced and only serve to make you look pretentious.

18. I have a few chronic diseases like acid reflux, IBS, and psoriasis, but none of them started until I got engaged.

19. I serve on the Board of Faith and Life for the Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren conference – I help to discern matters of faith and practice.

20. I really only enjoy reading books that I think I might not agree with because I see no point in reading something I already know and agree with.

21. For some reason shows that I really enjoy tend to get cancelled. (ie. Andy Barker P.I., Arrested Development, Pushing Daisies)

22. Meatloaf is probably my favourite music artist which is somewhat ironic considering that I can’t stand Broadway musicals.  If that doesn’t seem ironic to you than you haven’t listened to enough Meatloaf before.

23. I prefer dark basements to sunny days outdoors.

24. I really hate shaving so I endeavour to do it as little as possible.

25. I can handle being apart from people and things for reasonably long periods of time without much problem, but I get antsy if I’m without internet access for more than a few hours.

Well, there’s 25 random things about me.  They certainly aren’t the most important things about me, and they certainly aren’t an exhaustive list of the things that comprise my personhood, but they were the first 25 to come to my mind.

  1. Daryl says:

    Ah, I remember the ‘good o’le days’ when Svetlana used to hang out with Lucile and Abigail. Oh how I miss that. And I even have a table. Augh. Maybe it’s time to clean out the garage and get back at it.


  2. benyamen says:

    Next time I’m up in S’toon I’ll bring her along.


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