Swinging for the Fences

Posted: March 4, 2010 in football, life
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I guess this will be a few football related posts all in a row now. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I guess, it’s just never been the be all and end all from what I’ve done in the past. I’d wager a guess that’s what’s being posted right now because the start of NFL free agency a couple minutes ago, and the beginning of another baseball season – thanks for the subscription to MLB.TV family – is about all that’s keeping me sane right now.

That being said, my expectations for my Bears are pretty low going into the season, but with the rumors flying around online as lately as just a couple minutes ago with a real chance of Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, and Antrelle Rolle all winding up in Chicago within the next week, my hopes are at least a little higher. Adding two pro-bowl defensive players and a solid complimentary RB would go a long way to fixing this team if they can manage to scrounge up a mediocre offensive linemen or two. At least the advent of free-agency brings hope to one area of my life.  I know Peppers has had motivation issues before, Rolle has had injury problems and Chester is no one’s saviour, but any kind of talent is better than no talent at all. Here’s to hoping reality doesn’t come crashing down all around my Bears related dreams!


Well, it’s official . . . the Bears got two out of three on my wish list in Peppers and Taylor.  Whether you like them much or not or even if you think they over-payed for them you have to at least admit they are a better team today than they were yesterday.

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