Hotdogs sure are expensive these days . . .

Posted: May 14, 2010 in life, Random
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A quick warning to you all: this post holds no meaningful content whatsoever.  It is however particularly amusing to me so I will leave it for your judgment.

I do not often frequent the Pioneer Co-op grocery store for many reasons – mostly because the prices are high and also because the aisles are often blocked by people resembling Mr. Burns trying to decide between ketchup and catsup.  It’s not a pretty scene and will generally take you at least twenty minutes to get in and out with your $5 apple (I exaggerate obviously).  That being said, I do go there to buy cheap bulk hot dogs for the youth and when I do I am usually treated to at least some strange signage, weird product or comical mislabeling.  Previously I have told you about the muffin tops (you may want to follow me on Twitter to get all my musings) which are kind of  weird product, but this is more of a mislabeling laugh.

In recent times it has become popular for grocery stores to give you a per unit price on items beyond just the full price to save their customers the tedious task of having to bring a calculator to the grocery store so they can decide upon the best deal.  While trying to decide which hot dogs I should purchase for the youth fundraiser this weekend, I noticed that the per unit price on this particular variety was unnaturally high.  Not only that but I had never attempted to purchase bulk hot dogs by the milliliter either.  I was not sure if they would require the hot dogs be liquified before purchase or not – which would make them decidedly less useful for barbecuing – and I felt that even at that $399/100 ml seemed like a particularly high price for bulk hotdogs.

Thanks once again to Pioneer Co-op for providing some comic relief for me in what is otherwise a decidedly busy day.


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