New Music Alert

Posted: June 2, 2010 in music

If you follow me on Twitter – and if you don’t what are you waiting for – you will have received my humble suggestion earlier today that you should be checking out the music of “The Letter Black” in the near future.  After all, that’s what all the cool people are doing these days. 😉  In all seriousness though, they are certainly worth at least a listen on their myspace page and certainly worth the purchase and addition to your music collection.

It’s hard driving rock with great harmonies, beautiful vocals, and more than enough musical and lyrical depth to keep you listening to it over and over again.  If you have ever enjoyed music from bands like Lacuna Coil or Flyleaf – like these bands the frontman is no man at all, but a woman – you will certainly enjoy The Letter Black.  Beyond just the great music, they seem to be great people too.  Now in full honesty, it’s not like I got to sit down and do a half hour meet and greet interview with the band but they made themselves more than available for autographs and pictures after their shows and seemed like really humble and wonderful people from what little time I was around them.

I’m not going to be one of those crazy guys that claims that whatever band he’s recently excited about is his new favourite band of all time, but I certainly have enjoyed their music since being introduced to it this past weekend and look forward to lots more in the future.  I’ll certainly be a fan for a long time and would go out of my way to try to see them in concert again.  Take it for what it’s worth, but you’re missing out if you don’t at least give them a try.


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