A Fork in the Road

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Random

For the past number of years this blog has been the home for all things Ben, however as of today that will change.  From here on out this blog will be the home of all things Ben that are non-sports related.  If you want my thoughts on sports you can instead find those here instead.

For the past number of months I’ve been struggling to decide what is worth posting about here and as such have wound up posting little to nothing.  Not because it’s not worth talking about, but mostly because I couldn’t decide what fit best here.  Those seeking ministry and theological posts may be turned off by sports opinions and those seeking sports thoughts may be turned off by posts of a theological bent.  After reading a post on Frank Viola’s blog a couple weeks ago that put forth the idea the only way to maintain readership is to be focused, I started toying with the idea of starting a secondary sports themed blog and today I took the step.

For those of you who really just want one or the other I hope this makes your time reading my blog(s) a little more effective and for those of you who want both I hope you will subscribe to the sports blog as well.  I’m not claiming either are worth scheduling your life around, but hopefully with things more sorted out my conviction, creativity and drive to post regularly will be more sorted out as well.


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