I’m a husband, a father, a small city pastor, a football coach, a neglectful fitness enthusiast, and a terminal Chicago Bears fan.

  1. Mrs. JK says:

    You are no longer a “small town pastor”! I think Brandon might be offended at that statement. Praying for you, always! 🙂


  2. dave says:

    yeah Brandon isn’t no small town. Not unlike most of those is sask


    • benyamen says:

      I’m not saying “small town” as a bad thing, but by most of the world’s standards 60,000 people is a pretty small town. 🙂


  3. dave says:

    Dude you got those scary eyes in your pic


    • benyamen says:

      The eyes will follow you around the room if you move … okay they won’t. But the picture will change once in a while so if it’s creeping you out don’t worry because it never lasts long.


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