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goodreadsI’d like to think I’m a person of at least moderate intelligence, and that I have friends that are likewise.  With that in mind I am submitting this poll: Are you literate?

I may not be the most prolific reader in the world, but I do enjoy reading good books.  As such, at the advice of my good friend Jared, I joined Goodreads.  It’s a really easy to use site that helps you track what books you have read and lets others keep track of your reading journey’s as well.  I have loved the ability to track, rate and share what I’m reading all on one site that plays nicely with both Facebook and Twitter.  So here’s my request to you: I know the last thing we all need is another social networking site, but I’d love it if some more of my literate friends would join Goodreads too.  Jared and Steve are on there and it has been great to keep up with their reading journey’s but I’d love to share more of what others are reading, learning and growing from too.

Goodreads is free and quite user friendly.  If you can read and like me even a little consider it at least.  There is a link to my Goodreads page in the right hand column of my blog.

I’m not quite dead yet

Posted: May 14, 2008 in life
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Ya, it’s been a long time since I posted anything here.  Ya, I have had a couple of thoughts lately that I’d like to share and likely will . . . eventually.  More than anything lately, I’ve just been feeling kind of generally apathetic towards any kind of social behavior.  Yes, blogging fits into social behavior in this introverts opinion.  This goes for facebook too.  If I haven’t been accepting invitations or responding to messages lately it’s not because I’m angry or don’t like you anymore, I just haven’t really cared enough to do much of anything socially lately.  I’m not dead yet, I just get this way sometimes.