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mennonite-simons.jpgMany of you know that I have long term political aspirations.  I haven’t even started my run for provincial office yet and I’ve already won my first election!  No I’m not talking about the federal by-elections last night, and no I’m not talking about election in the spiritual Calvinist sense (many of you also know I don’t swing that way), I’m talking about my election to the Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren Board of Faith and Life like I aluded to last night.  I am officially the newest – and youngest by at least a decade – member of the SK MB BFL.  How’s that for an acronym?  Basically this board is responsible for spiritual well being of the denomination.  We interview and review theological statements from pastoral applicants.  We discern theological positions on issues that member churches may present to us.  We deal with issues of conflict resolution in our member churches if they ask for it.  We are kind of the defenders of the SK MB Statement of Faith.  Of course because the MB deomination is based on congregational government, our decisions aren’t necessarily binding on all the churches if they decide otherwise, but so far that hasn’t been an issue.  The picture at the top is of Menno Simons, the founder of the Mennonite church.  I guess he’s supposed to be my new hero now. 😉

It’s kind of a weird feeling.  I’m only 27 years old.  I’ve only been in the denomination for about a year and a half.  Now, as a member of this board, I’m responsible for telling Mennonites how to be Mennonites, many of which have been Mennonites all their life.  It’s exciting to think that the board thinks highly enough of me to have me as a member of the board, and humbling to know that I will have the least experience of all the members.  It was actually really encouraging today to hear that even if I hadn’t volunteered to serve, they planned to asked me to serve on the board because of my experience with the ugly side of church ministry.  I look forward to offering the wisdom God has given me, but I really look forward to learning from the wisdom of the other members too.  No matter what though, I guess it’s the next step on my road to becoming Pope. 😉

fighting.jpgI was away all weekend speaking at a youth retreat at Redberry Bible Camp and had a great time.  I really enjoyed talking to the group of fifty kids about what it really means to be a Christian – yes, I used the label because it’s what everyone understands – and I had all kinds of things I wanted to write about here.  Things like how great it is to talk with believers that are truly willing to examine what it means to follow Jesus and who really want to make a difference for the kingdom of God in this world.  Things like how great a time I had with Jenn and Payton.  Things like how excited I am to be elected to the Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren Board of Faith and Life.  Then I came home and read a blog and all that went out the window.  I would name it here, but the last thing Christianity needs is for another public flogging.  I was again dragged down into the un-civil war that Christians have been waging against eachother for far too long now.  Why do Christians feel a need to fight with eachother and try to prove eachother wrong?  We’re on the same team for goodness sake!  We have enough enemies as it is, why do we need to try to make enemies out of some of the few allies that we have?  Enough already!  With the state Christianity is currently in in the Western world the last thing it needs is fellow Christians publicly flogging eachother.If someone see things a little different than you it’s a chance to expand your thinking and learn from eachother, not a chance to start another holy war.  We don’t need more fighting and holy wars.  We need to finally accept that we don’t have to do and believe things exactly the same to love and serve the same God.  People can do things differently and still love and serve Jesus.  All Christians are from the same family, received the same baptism, and have the same Spirit.  Why can’t we just get along and try to fight against the real enemy and not eachother?  I feel sick.  Maybe I’ll be able to talk about some of the good things I wanted to later.