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Authorization Inquired

Posted: October 22, 2008 in life
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Like I’ve been saying for a while, although I enjoy my job as a pastor I do wonder about how long the paid pastor will exist as a viable career and I wonder if I’d enjoy something else even more.  I have a lot of different skills and interests and although I do enjoy being a pastor I don’t find it particularly challenging most days and that troubles me.  With these things in mind Jenn and I had a great conversation the other night about what other things I’d be interested in exploring.  Although professional football coach, sports writer, and video game tester would be high on my list, most of those jobs are either unrealistic or would require more schooling that I don’t have money for.  The other one that kept popping up though is maybe a bit more realistic . . . I want to be an author.  I really enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper (or virtual paper on my laptop as it were) and judging by the fact I’ve had a few articles and such published in the past it would seem that some people think my thoughts are worth sharing.  It’s something that I can do along side my current job but if all goes well could lead to a full time job down the road.  Now I know many a young man has declared “I’m going to be a writer” in the past only to wind up “living in a van down by the river”, but I have the advantage of already having a real job and a wife with a real job too.  By no means will this be an overnight transition into being Donald Miller, Rob Bell, etc., but at least it’s a direction for me to work towards and to give me a little more meaning in my life from day to day.  I think I’ll likely start by writing some articles for the MB Herald – something small but still a little notable in Christian circles – and we’ll see where it goes from there.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted so long as you keep looking out for my name to pop up where you least expect.

hats.gifWhen’s an associate not an associate?  When he’s the only one around!  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m the associate in quesiton here.  My official job title may be as an associate pastor, but when you’re the only pastor around all those titles and job descriptions go out the window.  For the forseeable future, I am THE pastor at Bridgeway Community Church.  The senior pastor hasn’t left, but he has been without a voice for the past two weeks and has taken holidays for the next two and a half weeks in an attempt to resuscitate his vocal chords.  I’ll tell you, it’s pretty adventurous trying to carry on all the youth and young adult ministries that usually fill up my entire week as is while trying to get a sermon together each week, plan the service, and ultimately be responsible for anything else that may happen in the church while Cliff is out of comission.

There are usually a week or two during the summer when Cliff is away on holidays that I’m responsible for everything while he’s gone, but during the summer the youth and young adult programs are on hiatus so it’s not so bad.  These next few weeks though should be quite the challenge.  I just hope and pray that Cliff heals up fully and soon.  Anyone who knows me knows I like to wear hats, but if you try to wear too many hats at once it looks pretty silly and it can really give you a headache after a while from the added weight and tightness growing around your head.

I’m enjoying the opportunity to get to preach more, but trying to get things together while doing all the regular work and preparing to speak at the MB Saskatchewan youth conference on Mar.14-16 feels pretty heavy right now.  I have no doubt that it will all work out and come together, but in the meantime this blog may come in very handy as the cathartic end to my cataclysmic days.