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fighting.jpgI was away all weekend speaking at a youth retreat at Redberry Bible Camp and had a great time.  I really enjoyed talking to the group of fifty kids about what it really means to be a Christian – yes, I used the label because it’s what everyone understands – and I had all kinds of things I wanted to write about here.  Things like how great it is to talk with believers that are truly willing to examine what it means to follow Jesus and who really want to make a difference for the kingdom of God in this world.  Things like how great a time I had with Jenn and Payton.  Things like how excited I am to be elected to the Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren Board of Faith and Life.  Then I came home and read a blog and all that went out the window.  I would name it here, but the last thing Christianity needs is for another public flogging.  I was again dragged down into the un-civil war that Christians have been waging against eachother for far too long now.  Why do Christians feel a need to fight with eachother and try to prove eachother wrong?  We’re on the same team for goodness sake!  We have enough enemies as it is, why do we need to try to make enemies out of some of the few allies that we have?  Enough already!  With the state Christianity is currently in in the Western world the last thing it needs is fellow Christians publicly flogging eachother.If someone see things a little different than you it’s a chance to expand your thinking and learn from eachother, not a chance to start another holy war.  We don’t need more fighting and holy wars.  We need to finally accept that we don’t have to do and believe things exactly the same to love and serve the same God.  People can do things differently and still love and serve Jesus.  All Christians are from the same family, received the same baptism, and have the same Spirit.  Why can’t we just get along and try to fight against the real enemy and not eachother?  I feel sick.  Maybe I’ll be able to talk about some of the good things I wanted to later.

skateboard__160.jpgIt’s true that these two things often go together, but in my case they don’t go together quite yet. They both just happen to be two things that are on the tip of my brain right now. You see two days ago now, while carrying Patyon’s swing home from the church, I missed the bottom step on the church stair case and wound up stepping down with all my weight on the side of my ankle instead of the bottom of my foot. It just so happened that I was looking down when the whole ordeal happened and as I saw my ankle rollover like too many mid-90’s Toyota 4Runners, I was convinced after feeling the ligaments and muscles strain that it was going to be straight to surgery for me. No golf this spring. No driving anywhere for months. No carrying Payton around the living room like a tiny Egyptian Pharaoh. In short, my spring, maybe my life as I know it was screwed. Fortunately though, after careful examination, I found I could put weight on it and walk on it so long as the movement didn’t involve any side-to-side motions. Two, almost three days later now, my ankle is feeling mostly better. Hooray for stretchy ligaments and tendons! It was this thought that brought me to the second item that rests on precipice of my prefrontal cortex.

Stretchy ligaments and tendons would sure come in handy if I were to take up skateboarding again. I know they certainly came in handy during my first attempts at skateboarding back in 2001. I can remember many sprained ankles, sprained wrists, strained knees, and bruised tailbones from that first go round. Many of these injuries unfortunately came from my invention of the “benyamen”. It was a trick in which I would hop on my board, gain speed and then while losing balance I would fire the board out from under my feet while I landed flat on my back. Some would call this more of a bail than a trick, but if you did it as many times as I did you had to try to put a positive spin on it somehow. I can’t really explain it, there likely isn’t a reasonable explanation for it given my history, but I’m having a real hankering to get back on the deck. I’m having a really craving for carving up the asphalt again. I’ve been pricing out how much it would cost me to get a reasonable board online and I’m seriously considering doing it with some of my tax refund. Am I completely insane? I might be, but I still kind of what to start riding again. You might be wondering what could possibly be motivating me to do this to myself again, and after some deep thought I’ve come up with two motivations:
1) It would be a great way for me to make some new friends and connect with the large contingent of SC residents that hang out at the sweet skate park only one block from my house.
2) I have always had a love for skateboarding. I have such deep respect for what the pros can do, and even what some kids can do. I guess as I’m getting older, I’m realizing that fear isn’t something that should keep me from doing things I think I would really enjoy. I don’t want to grow old and die regretting that I never gave skateboarding a really good chance. I already regret missing out on some things in my life because I was too scared to try and I don’t want skateboarding to be one of those regrets too.
3) Okay, so there’s more than two. This one just came to mind though. I think there might be a little bit of massochist in me. I don’t really mind pain. One of my first natural reactions to extreme pain is to laugh. Jenn can attest that shortly after this recent ankle sprain I sat around with ice on the ankle laughing away to nothing at all. It’s freakish, but it’s me. I realize that skateboarding could mean a lot of unnecessary pain, but for some reason that doesn’t really scare me that much.

Anyways, that’s where I’m standing – or lying down as it is – right now. I hope my ankle heals soon so life can get back to normal and I hope that some of you can give me some guidance as I try to decide whether to get back on the board. I’m not sure what to do yet, but I’ll keep you updated as life unfolds.

Home Alone: SC

Posted: January 14, 2008 in kids, life
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dad.jpgSo this likely won’t be anything profound, and to some of you it may not even be interesting, but for those of your still reading I will regale you with a tale of my life as it stands.  This is after all kind of a compilation of my life here so why not include stories about my life and not just reflections of it.  This isn’t a post about Macaulay Culkin, even though Home Alone was a pretty funny movie – I just watched it over Christmas again – this is actually about my first night home alone with Payton; not Walter or Manning, but my son.

Jenn had a ladies meeting tonight and so it was decided that I and all my feelings of total inadequacy, should be left to take care of seven week old Payton.  This might not seem like such an arduous task to all of you seasoned veterans of child care out there, but for me this was stress rolled in a coating of anxiety then set in the deep fryer full of inexperience.  Generally, this would be a recipe for disaster, but all things considered it turned out alright.  No one died.  No one sustained any flesh wounds.  I even managed to feed him from a bottle without having him turn blue in the face from choking.  Yup, all things considered I did a not crappy job.  And here’s to hoping I do a less and less miserable job as time goes on.  If I keep up this effort he may even live to see school age!  Thankfully, his mom has just returned and life is again as it should be.  She’s a good mom . . . check that . . . a GREAT mom, and I just hope that I can be as good a dad as she is a mom some day.

We’re Home!

Posted: December 16, 2007 in kids, life
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home_icon.jpgOkay, so truth be told, we’ve been home for a week now but I haven’t worked up the energy or motivation to post anything to this point.  It’s not that things haven’t been happening, it’s just that there’s been so much happening that I haven’t gotten around to letting you all know about it.  Here I am though, watching the Simpsons, posting on my blog, while Jenn puts Payton (remember it’s Payton not Peyton) to sleep.

We’re all home safe and sound.  After a far more adventurous child birth than any of us expected or hoped for, we are all home together.  I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about how the whole situation went down – I’m still working that through – but I’m glad that it is over.  The nurses, doctors, and hospital were all wonderful to deal with and we feel very blessed to live in a place with competent medical professionals that knew what to do to save Payton’s life.  He made his first trip to church this morning (his first social outing) and overall is doing really well.  We’re really glad to be home.

P.S. – I started this post on Saturday night before Payton started screaming.  I am now finishing it watching football on Sunday.  I guess that’s the life I’ll have to get used to now.

He’s Here!

Posted: November 29, 2007 in faith, kids, life
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I realize that the last post was a little cryptic – it was the best I could do at 5:30am with three hours sleep – so this one I hope is a little straight forward.  My baby boy, Payton Owen Benjamin Kramer, arrived to life with the rest of us humans on Friday, November 23, 2007 at 10:35pm.  Jenn and I have been living at the hospital in Moose Jaw for the past 6 days now, and will continue to live there until Tuesday, when Payton will be discharged.  There were a few complications with both Jenn and Payton’s health during the delivery so we are really thankful that both are doing well now.  Jenn had a really bad reaction to the epideral she had as pain medication, and Payton was born with a “Group B Strep” infection so he has been on antibiotics for the past 6 days and has 4 more days to go until his cycle is done.  The first few days were pretty scarry and we weren’t sure that he was going to make it, but all the doctors are confident that both he and Jenn will make a full recovery and our little family should finally be able to come home on Tuesday.  I’m only home here for a couple hours to make sure the house is ready for our baby to come home to so I’m off back to Moose Jaw now.  Keep praying for our little boys health and Jenn’s recovery and you can find pictures if you click here.