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Roll On!

Posted: February 10, 2009 in life, skateboarding
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poetic-deckI had a feeling that it was bound to happen eventually and now the time is finally here.  I’m taking up skateboarding again!  Now I know talked about possibly doing this last year, but now the wheels have already been set rolling towards this end.  I wasn’t really planning on it, but when the opportunity to be one of the first riders for Poetic Industries today I just couldn’t say no.  The decks aren’t technically a public offering yet, but I’ve posted a picture of what it will likely look like when I get it.

As I’ve admitted before, my first foray into the world of skateboarding was painful, disastrous, bloody and humiliating . . . although I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.  This time I expect it will be similar but I’ll be eight years older.  My goal is that before I hit thirty I will feel confident in riding my board and be able to pull a consistantly solid ollie.  I don’t think this is dreaming to high, and if anything it may be setting the bar too low, but it’s what I’m working for.

You may be thinking, “Why Ben?  Why now?  What are you thinking?”  Well, it comes down to the fact that I’ve made a decision over the past few months that I’m tired of dreaming about things I could do or worrying about what people might think and instead I’m just going to start working towards my goals and just being an authentic version of me.  Family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers may take it as they will.  I really want to be able to take on this challenge while I’m still in my “prime” before my body starts to legitimately let me down.  Also, buying this deck will be supporting my good friend Daryl and his design company and that’s always a positive motivator.

So for those of you who are in Swiftyvillerton if you see a blood splatter on the sidewalk it might be mine, if you see a really big kid in the skatepark it may be me, and if you see an ambulance drive by say a prayer for me.  I’m not giving up this time.  I’ll post pictures of the deck and my riding exploits as they become available.

BTW for those of you who ride and are reading this: do you have any suggestions as to what I should look at for trucks, bearings or wheels?  I plan on doing pretty much exclusively street stuff.