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I grew up in Saskatchewan, I’ve lived here my whole life and to this day had no intentions of ever leaving.  I’ve seen most of the landscape and lifestyle that North America has to offer and to this day was perfectly content in Saskatchewan.  I stress to this day.  Then I awoke this morning – a morning in the middle of May – to snow on the ground, a blizzard in the air, a daytime high of 2C, and power outages.  This is indefensible.  There is no reason any sane human being should be chosing to deal with this nonsense.  We’re only a couple weeks away from the official start of summer and we’re getting snow and freezing temperatures.

I’m all for being ecologically friendly, but if David Suzuki were from Saskatchewan and not out east he’d be doing his best to create all the greenhouse gas he could here.

All this being said, it’s obvious I’m not moving anywhere anytime soon, but today for the first time I’m wishing I were somewhere else.  If my friend Brad Wall, the premier of this province, wants to keep young people here and grow the province tax credits aren’t going to cut it anymore.  He has to do something about this weather.

It’s Election Time Again!

Posted: November 5, 2007 in life, politics
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election-07-banner.jpgWell, it’s been four long years in waiting, but it’s finally provincial election time again!  I realize that I’m a bit of a political junky, but I do think that elections – whether provincial, federal or even American – are a ton of fun to watch, right from the commercials, to the debates, and the results shows where they “declare a winner” before even 1% of the polls are counted.  Most of you know I really enjoy politics so this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  With all of these things in mind, I’m opening the first ever “Humble Musings of a Curious Man Election Pool”!  If you follow this link, or click on the “SK Election Pool” tab at the top of the page you can make your entry in the pool by leaving a comment.  Simply submit your guess on how many seats each party will win and what their percentage of the popular vote will be.  The winner will receive recognition in the form of their picture as the header on my blog for the next week and maybe even win dinner with me if they’re in the area.

I’m so looking forward to the Wednesday night results show!  Until then guess away.  The deadline for submissions will be 8pm CST on Wednesday, November 7/07.