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I know that one of the most common laments of the modern human is that they just wish things would be normal – I’ve even been guilty of this from time to time – but tonight I came to realization that I have little to no desire for normal.  Part of my problem recently is that I’ve been striving for normalcy over the last while and that’s exactly why I’ve been struggling to be happy where I’m at.  Everyone and everything in this tiny town is just too . . . “normal”.  It’s almost like living in a giant stereotype: everyone and everything seems to fit their roles perfectly and very little is other than what you’d expect.  There are almost no eccentrics in this town and when there are they don’t stay long before moving along because, in my estimation, they can’t stand the normalcy here and the normalcy can’t stand them.

Maybe I’m just romanticizing other people’s lives, or big city life, but I miss having eccentric friends.  I miss having people with interesting lives and interesting points of view around me on a regular basis.  Maybe I’ve been reading too much Donald Miller lately, but I would love to have some eccentric friends like he mentions he has in his books.  I had lots of them in college and I still keep in touch with a number of them, but it’s nowhere near the same as actually having them around to share your life with from day to day.  I have so many interests in this life that I have real desire to have friends that are similarly broad in scope.  The people that I know here are great, but they aren’t as eccentric or broad as I’d be comfortable with to really call a close friend.

Anyways, that’s my self-indulgent post for the day.  Here’s to hoping there are some interesting people moving to town soon or I may well lose my mind all together.  In the mean time I guess there’s always video games.  Hopefully I’ll have something a little more useful to post here later this week.